7 December 1941

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7 December 1941

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7 December 1941 Hamilton Army Airfield to Hickman Honolulu

I would like to invite you to our annual reenactment of the B17 flight from Hamilton Army Airfield San Rafael California to Hickman Army Airfield Honolulu, on Wednesday December 6th at 8:00 PM PDST/11:00 PM EDST./0300GMT

We will take off from Hamilton Army Air Field December 6, 2023 arriving at Honolulu on December 6, 2023 at 07:00:00 Hawaii Time, to coincide with the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7 1941 at 07:00:00 Hawaii time.

This flight is not for the faint of heart. Those making this flight will be looking at 12 to 14 hours of flight time.
Airspeed:............................130 KAIS
Departure Time:................8:00 PM PDST/11:00 PM EDST./0300GMT
Team Speak Channel:.......Group Flights

Download your flight bag, containing the flight plan and more:
downloadDownload Flight Plan
Here's an addon scenery package for Hamilton Army Airfield both FSX and P3Dv4

downloadFSX Hamilton Army Airfield Download

downloadP3Dv4 Hamilton Army Airfield Download
Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny
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