Amphibious Aircraft and Flying Boats

Full Aircraft or links for download.
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Amphibious Aircraft and Flying Boats

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Here's a few links to some amphibious aircraft. These links are from Sim-Outhouse.



The Grumman J2F Duck (company designation G-15) was an American single-engine amphibious biplane. It was used by each major branch of the U.S. armed forces from the mid-1930s until just after World War II, primarily for utility and air-sea rescue duties. It was also used by the Argentine Navy, who took delivery of their first Duck in 1937. After the war, J2F Ducks saw service with independent civilian operators, as well as the armed forces of Colombia and Mexico.

This is a work in progress and will always be WIP but it is comparable to the restoration of an antique auto in that it is not done but is an enjoyable drive to the car show.

Please read the ReadMe file for more information and credits.

Thanks for downloading

Paul "Mechanic" Domingue
FSX Native Grumman G-73 Mallard v1.0 "Gold Rlse downloadDownload

FSX Native Grumman G-73 Mallard v1.0 "Gold" Release

by Milton Shupe, Nigel Richards, Rachael Whiteford, Rui Cristina, William Ellis, Roman Stoviak

Pkg incl 2 models (Classic interior and Business Class), custom panel and gauges, custom sounds, custom Flight Model, and 15 liveries.

Tested in P3Dv4 without issues. However, you may wish to remove the transom off-spray after water take offs if they annoy you.

February 2018
There's the Sikorskys, by George Diemer that Mr. Ed upgradeto FSX native, that should work just fine in P3D


Please feel free in helping to add amphibious aircraft to this post.
Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny

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