Radio Range Part1

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Radio Range Part1

Post by FSVKenny » Fri May 28, 2021 10:19 am

Here's a tour built around the AT-4 Tri-Motor, DC-2, DC3 and the Radio Range navigation system.

In part 1 of this adventure, you will start at Nome PAOM Alaska and fly to PAUN, PAFW, CSR, PACY, PAYA, PASI, CZMT and CYQQ Comox in British Columbia.

It will be up to you to track the radio range stations, that will get your aircraft, cargo and passengers safely to your destination. Your flight level will be up to the terrain and what your aircraft is capable of.
Radio Rang addon for FS2004:

Radio Range addon for FSX and P3D:
downloadDownload Radio Range

I am using the FSX radio range addon in P3Dv4 and it seems to work just fine.

The Tour Center is a lot like the Hoplist we used in FSHost. To utilize the Tour Center on the website, here's a tutorial on using the Tour Center.
Please take a little time to read through it.
linkTour Center Help
Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny

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